Our Story

Like Every Family...

Our church family has a rich history filled with stories of faithful disciples. Since 1855, the Highland Oaks Church has built a home in the Dallas area.

Today we are a strong committed family of disciples who are discovering new and bold ways to live into our vision while striving to be a light for our community.

What discipleship looks like today...

Because of our renewed commitment to loving, growing, and sending, our family is living into our vision by such things as:
  • Loving our friends surrounding our campus by serving "Hope 4  Lake Highlands"
  • Loving our neighborhood by using our "green space" for local sports teams and activities
  • Growing the kingdom by partnering with several non-profits who reach into the community and world
  • Growing in our awareness of other faith communities by sharing our space for their worship gatherings
  • Growing in our faith by hosting weekly Bible classes, yearly conferences, and outreach opportunities
  • Sending by empowering our members to be active members in their own communities
  • Sending by creating intentional partnerships with local schools
  • Sending by offering "pilgrimage" trips and supporting a discipleship movement in Southeast Asia

What's Next?

We are excited to see where God leads us as we continue on our journey of discipleship.

Because we have committed to be Spirit-led disciples, we remain open to where our journey will lead.

Be a part of our story...

Join us as we gather together and hear the invitation to become loving, growing, and sending disciples.