Deep Roots

Why Transformation Takes Practice...

Our vision remains clear: we will become a church that believes in loving, growing, and sending disciples. What does deeper discipleship look like … like a mighty oak tree that is firmly planted in the ground.  We must do all we can to nurture and grow our roots so they may be deeply embedded in the mission of transformation. In short, if discipleship is our vision for who we want to become then transformation is how we get there.   And transformation takes practice. We continue to focus on our vision while looking at six specific practices of deeper discipleship. And the result? Transformation. 
Gathering together as a church family and the need to be present is an important part of growing deeper roots. Why show up at all to an assembly? Why should anyone "go to church?" Learn why deep disciples commit to a practice of being present.
There is a difference between saying something "belongs" and asking if someone feels "belonging." And disciples who love well create space for anyone who seeks belonging. Learn the practice of loving well in our pursuit of deeper discipleship.
Paul wrote to Timothy to "study and show himself approved." So often, deep discipleship is only compatible with studying the scriptures. What if study was less about a religious routine and more about a rhythm and discipline? 
Throughout the Jesus story, there is a call to use our gifts and to be mindful of our resources. We dig deeper into the "why" Jesus invites us to see our giftedness and resources as key practices for serving others.

It's hard to think about church as one person or individual. Church is a calling out of God's people and not just individuals. Join us as we remind ourselves of the deep call for life together and the journey we share towards deeper roots.
Let’s unpack the word "mission" as we consider how our neighborhood and world are in need of deeper disciples. How will the Highland Oaks family pursue mission for our neighborhood and world? Come and see!