Core Values

A Family of Disciples...

As the Highland Oaks Church of Christ, we have chosen to journey together as disciples of Jesus. Part of journeying together is living together as a family. Though family is diverse, messy, and filled with differences, our family is built upon certain core values. These values serve as a "core" or a central foundation for the ways we love, grow, and are sent as disciples. You will notice that each core value is a part of our family's home - moving us into God's mission for the world - moving us to grow, love, and be sent.

Core Value: The Front Yard

The goal of our church family is not to exclusively enjoy the benefits of our home. Rather, it is a space where we can gather in order to live back into the world. The front yard is where our family engages our surrounding community and the world in significant ways.

Core Value: The Kitchen

 There are certain spaces in a home that exist for a special purpose. The kitchen is the place where willing hearts can prepare items for others to enjoy. So, the kitchen at Highland Oaks is a space where any member of the family can serve.

Core Value: The Family Room

In any house there are gathering places for the family.
Whether it be to have meaningful conversation or to simply be together as family, the space is critical to the life and well-being of the home.

Core Value: The Spirit

 As God’s family, we live in a house filled with the Spirit. The Spirit is what moves our house from being a simple space to being a home. And in this home the Spirit enables us to become a people who pursue the heart of God with intentionality and purpose.

Come join our family!

Join us as we gather together and hear the invitation to become loving, growing, and sending disciples.