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Our Sunday morning worship times are supported by a vitally important group of servants who have a gift for working with technology and a heart for worship. The different teams that work to bless our times of worship together include: Audio Technology, Video Technology, Lighting technicians, and Video Production.

It takes a vast range of talents to minister to one another in our Worship Services and we would love to add your talents to the team here at HOCC. Volunteers are always needed and full training is provided. For more information on how you can get involved, contact Chad Higgins (


The audio technology team is responsible for the audio portion of our service each week including video sound, microphones, and recording the sermons. Ministry volunteers also assist with special functions such as conferences, weddings, and special presentations.


The lighting technology team seamlessly coordinates the lighting during worship service each week. This includes adapting the lighting for different parts of the services and matching the colors of the light towers to the video screens.


The video technology team is dedicated to providing consistent and accurate visual enhancement to the worship service each week. Video technology volunteers work in the technology booth each Sunday on both campuses.

Servants on this team are technically minded and calm under pressure. If this describes you, please consider volunteering.

Production Management

A Production Manager works in the technology booth each Sunday and coordinates all of the other positions, ensuring that lighting, video, and audio are in harmony and transitioning together.


Visit for the schedule, or click here.