Music Ministry

The HOCC Music Ministry is led by minister, Chad Higgins. Serving alongside HOCC’s multi-generational, gender-inclusive Praise Team, Chad plans and leads assemblies that contain both traditional and contemporary elements. In addition to the 12 member praise team that leads worship each Sunday, the Music Ministry also functions in different musical configurations, including a large chorus or smaller groupings for special presentations and events.

We are constantly seeking male and female singers who have a heart for God and for leading others musically in His worship. A strong musical knowledge and vocal quality is encouraged – as well as availability for scheduled rehearsals. The Praise Team is always on the lookout for additional of all musical parts. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Chad Higgins.

Special Occasion Music

For singers of all calibers and genders who might be hesitant to stand in front of a congregation and lead praise, but would like to use their talents to minister to others. Commonly, these groups are used for weddings, funerals, etc. Availability during the day is a must.

Praise Team Member Information

Involvement Expectations

As a member of the HOCC Music Ministry, I understand that I am, first, a disciple of Jesus Christ. Everything I do, say, and think falls under the Lordship of Jesus. My conduct will be becoming of someone who constantly finds themselves at the foot of the cross and the leadership of the Master. I will guard my speech, my pride, and my own ambitions against serving my own wants and desires – in deference to our Savior. As a Christian, I will commit myself to tenets of the Christian faith, including prayer, Bible study, tithing, faith-sharing, etc. I will seek God in my home, my vocation, my recreation, as well as with my fellow believers at HOCC.

As a member of the HOCC Music Ministry, I understand that I am a member of the larger church body that meets at Highland Oaks. By such an admission, I agree to place myself under the shepherding and authority of the elders and their leadership. As a member, I also recognize that both I and my family (as applicable) will support and carry out the mission of HOCC in everything we do. By becoming a member, I also understand that I have a place in a greater body of believers to accomplish a greater good – none greater than to give glory to God. As a church member, I understand that my place in service to the body today may not be the same that it was in the past, nor might it be in the future. As such, I will look to the counsel and discernment of other wise Christians to see in me the giftedness God has given me and the place(s) best suited to serve Christ and His church body.

As a member of the HOCC Music Ministry, I recognize myself as both a worshipper and a co-worship leader with my team and team leader. My role is as important as any other public participant. As such, I promise to carry myself with dignity by dressing modestly and appropriately. Also, I will use my body language and facial expressions in such a way as to engage those I am leading in worship. At the same time, I will make every effort not to miss out on the opportunity to individually bring my own praises to God in the corporate worship assembly. As a leader, I realize that my best style of leading worship is that which is authentic – I will seek to be both authentic and transparent with God and HOCC.

As a member of the HOCC Music Ministry, I will commit myself to the guidelines set forth by the Ministry Director. I will strive for excellence in everything I do in connection with the HOCC Music Ministry. I will make every effort available to be at all scheduled practices. I will be fully prepared for each service I lead in, including practicing unfamiliar songs and memorizing parts as needed. If I am unable to make good on a commitment to serve, I will give ample, advanced notice, so that a replacement may be contacted. I will also submit myself to necessary critique and correction when necessary. If I am asked to/not to serve for any reason, I will do so in a spirit/manner worthy of Christ.