Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry at HOCC exists to glorify the Lord by bringing both members and guests together in the worship of the Almighty. This ministry is comprised of several sub ministries whose goal is to provide meaningful worship experiences and assemblies. HOCC Worship Ministry is a vibrant, exciting part of what we do each week and highlights 3 of our 4 core values.

First, the Worship Ministry symbolizes our Core Value of the Family Room. At the beginning of true worship is a place where the façade comes down, and transparent honesty remains. Our assemblies at HOCC try to do just that – to provide a comfortable, familiar place where family can be family and worshippers can be known. Through the use of music, media, elements, presentations, proclamation, and communion, the Worship Ministry strives to provide an environment that is welcoming and expectant. Just like sitting down a big family thanksgiving, HOCC Worship Ministry sets the table of worship every week for worshippers of every kind to come, eat, and share.

Second, the Worship Ministry enhances and highlights our Core Value of the Kitchen. From singing with the Music Ministry to programming lighting cues, everyone who works in the Worship Ministry is a servant. Servants at HOCC use their giftedness to bless the Lord and bless the church family; this is equally true of the gifted, hard-working servants in the Worship Ministry. Servants in this ministry offer their very talents in praise and worship to God.

Finally, the Worship Ministry embodies our Core Value of The Spirit of the House. At the very center of what we do – beyond the technical, technological, and logistical planning that goes on each week – is a desire for every worshipper to have an experience where they find themselves in the presence of the Almighty God. While only a moment of a larger worshipping week, we believe the time we spend together on Sunday to be very important and formative. The Worship Ministry serves as an integral part of bringing worshipper and the object of our worship together.