What To Expect

Visiting a new church family can be intimidating. Our desire is to let you know a little about our family, our facilities, and how we do things so that you’ll be more comfortable from the moment you arrive on our campus.

Welcome Center

When you arrive on campus, one of our greeters should welcome you at the door and give you some information about what’s happening in our community on that Sunday.  We encourage you to make the “Welcome Center” your first stop!  Staffed by our friendly hospitality team from 8:30-10:15, this is the centralized location where our hospitality team can provide you with access to information about our services, classes, life groups, and service opportunities.  This is also a great place to ask any questions you have about being part of our family here at HOCC.  Additionally, the crew at the Welcome Center will be waiting with a small gift of appreciation for you and a card that provides access to free coffee and pastries at our Well Café.  We can’t wait to meet you on Sunday!

Our Core Values

As the Highland Oaks Church of Christ we have pledged to function together as family. And like any family, we believe our home is built upon certain values. These values serve as our core. They stand at the very center of who we are and who we are becoming. In this, our core values consistently serve as reminders of our purpose and identity. We invite you to join us as we explore the core of our home here at Highland Oaks – the lights are on, the family room is ready, the kitchen is buzzing, and the front yard is filled with opportunity.

You Are Our Guest…

…but you’re also family. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is, or where you are right now in life, you are welcome here. Whether you grew up attending church, or this is your fist time, we are glad you decided to share this time with us.

Each entrance has greeters who will meet you at the door. They can help you find a class, point you in the direction of that cup of coffee and some breakfast, or introduce you to others who will be glad to show you around. Monitors around the concourse show announcements and church news before service. Once service begins it is broadcast on these screens so you won’t miss anything if you need to step out.


Each Sunday, Pat Bills delivers our message in a passionate sermon that is focused on the message of Christ. Pat’s gift is going beyond your traditional Sunday morning message and bringing to life the words of Jesus by painting a picture that can put you in the crowd at Jesus’ feet. Vibrant illustrations and colorful stories are used convey not only the words in the Bible, but how they relate to our lives and daily struggles more than 2,000 years after these lessons were crafted.


Our acapella worship is led by Chad Higgins.  A blend of traditional and contemporary hymns are sang under his leadership and with the assistance of the Praise Team. The Praise Team is made of of volunteers who sing all four parts of the vocal arrangements.

Occasionally you will hear a special arrangement performed by Chad, a duo, trio, or small group. All songs are projected on the two large screens at the sides of the stage.

Sunday Morning Class

There are numerous options for both children and adults on Sunday mornings. Classes are held in the education wing on the west side of the building. Children’s classes are downstairs and adult classes are upstairs. There are video monitors that will give you a description and room number for each class. You may also stop by the information booth just outside of the education wing for directions.  Please stop in, we would love to meet you!

Children’s Security

Children’s security is very important to us.  Before taking your child to class, please stop by one of the kiosks near the education building and an attendant will help register you and your child on your first visit. You child will be given a name tag and you will be given a badge with your child’s name that will be used to pick your child up from class. This prevents anyone but you from picking up your child.  It also gives us a chance to formally meet you!