Vision Sermon Series

8.27 A Vision for the Highland Oaks Church

This morning we launch a renewed vision from our shepherds. Join us as we explore the work of our vision team and how we plan to move forward into God’s imagined future as the Highland Oaks family.  Sermon Video/Audio

9.3 Let’s Move

We continue our Vision launch and explore three key words: loving, growing, and sending. Listen in as we dive deeper into our mission for discipleship.  Sermon Video/Audio

9.10 Disciples Join God

As we move from our core values to verbs, this morning we unpack the invitation to “join God” in our mission to the front yard of our world. Simply, the Highland Oaks church does not need a new mission – the mission needs a renewed Highland Oaks church!  Sermon Video/Audio

9.17 Disciples Submit to the Spirit

As we move to imitate Jesus we discover our deep dependence on the Spirit’s work in our life. What does it mean to submit to the Spirit of Christ within us? Come and join us as we explore the invitation for life in the Spirit.  Sermon Video/Audio

9.24 Disciples Create Welcome

A primary goal of our shepherds is to become a church that is not just friendly but welcome to all. What would it look like if we moved to create a space where anyone could be loved as a disciple of Jesus?  Sermon Video/Audio

10.1 Disciples Serve Others

If discipleship is our aim then serving others is a primary target! The bottom line is that Jesus calls us to imitate him as we serve the world around us. Join us as we move from heart to hands as we serve the world around us.  Sermon Video/Audio

10.8 Let’s Move: Become a Witness

Join us as we explore the invitation of Jesus to “be witnesses” in the world. What would it look like if we were so passionate about the story we could not help but share the story?  Sermon Video/Audio

10.15 Let’s Move: Commit to Worship

When you think of worship what comes to mind? If we are following Jesus, we must renew our commitment to become disciples who worship on Sunday and Monday.  Sermon Video/Audio

10.22 Let’s Move: Follow the Spirit

When we choose to follow Jesus we are making the choice to follow the Jesus inside of us. Join us as we continue to follow a Spirit who leads us from contemplation to action.  Sermon Video/Audio

10.29 Let’s Move: Tell Your Story

How has God crafted a story from your life? This morning we lean into the important task of “telling” the story of God’s movement in our life.  Sermon Video/Audio

11.5 Let’s Move: Choose to Love

Jesus clearly states the greatest commandment is to love God and others. What does it look like to choose to love even those who are hard to love? Join us as we imagine a church that chooses to love.  Sermon Video/Audio

11.12 Let’s Move: Do Life Together

Discipleship cannot be experienced in isolation; it must be lived out with a community of others. This morning we lean into the importance of creating welcome together in our shared move of discipleship.  Sermon Video/Audio

11.19 Let’s Move: Use Your Gifts

Each of us has been given a unique gift as a disciple of God. Are you willing to use that gift as we take seriously the mission to serve others?  Sermon Video/Audio

11.26 Let’s Move: Give Generously

All that we have has been given to us by God. So what is our discipleship response as we consider the invitation to give in generous ways?  Sermon Video/Audio