Good Fruit

Jesus talks a lot about fruit. What’s odd is that when he talks about fruit it tends to be negative. In his “sermon on the mount” he warns that you can know a false prophet by their fruit. Moreover, Jesus curses a tree for not producing fruit and tells a parable about an unyielding fruit tree. Why so pessimistic Jesus? Perhaps Jesus hated fruit and wanted to spend his time eating and thinking about chocolate? Or maybe… fruit, the spiritual kind that is supposed to come from a spiritual heart, was a really big deal to Jesus. It was the stuff “religious” people were supposed to have but didn’t. What happened? Where’s the fruit? This summer the Highland Oaks Church is going to take a hard look at the “good fruit” Jesus desires. Taking our cue from Paul’s “fruits of the spirit,” we will discover how the Holy Spirit desires to give us good fruit. After all, what the world may need is not a mandate to “eat your vegetables” but an invitation to bear good fruit. See you on Sundays this summer!