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Since 2006 CenterPeace has been helping churches and families all over the world learn a more Christ-like response to individuals experiencing same-sex attraction.  In addition to private meetings with churches and families, CenterPeace offers three events: Peacemaker conferences equip church leaders, families, and friends for more effective ministry among loved ones who experience same-sex attraction.  Our Tapestry spiritual formation retreats provide a safe place for Christians who identify as gay to discuss faith and sexuality, building a community of believers who are committed to seeking deeper relationship with God. Gender Matter seminars give parents and anyone who works with children better insight into our children’s gender identity development.  Local churches sponsor these events worldwide.

CenterPeace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by executive director, Sally Gary.  Sally works full time for CenterPeace and is totally supported by donations to the ministry.  She speaks to churches and families across the globe about this work that grew out of her own personal experience with same-sex attraction.  For more information about CenterPeace, contact Sally by phone at 325-232-2528 or by email at  Learn more about ways you can become involved by visiting our website at  or follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@centerpeaceinc).

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