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Hope Network Ministries provides mentoring to church leaders and guidance to church leadership groups across the United States through eighteen experienced ministers (Mentoring Partners) working individually and/or collaboratively.

Hope Network Ministries Mentoring Partners connect relationally with ministers and church leaders needing mentoring or guidance using phone conversations, ZOOM video conferencing or personal visits.

Church Leaders, Contact Us When…

* You need a mentor to walk alongside you

* You want coaching to improve your leadership or counsel on leading your church

* Your church is stuck, in crisis, or in transition or needs to improve its governance/ structure

* Your church wants to improve its service to the kingdom

* You need an interim minister during times of a preaching minister transition

Ongoing needs:

  • Prayer,
  • Donations
  • Any information about churches seeking ministers or ministers seeking churches
  • Information about churches that are struggling with vision or governance
  • Ministers or Elders who need encouragement
  • Churches in need of an Interim Minister


Jon Mullican is passionate about enhancing relationships within the church by facilitating authentic, open dialogue. He has a gift for discernment and listening in a way that allows people to be heard and understood, and provides opportunities for deep connection with God and with others. Additionally Jon’s gift of administration provides leadership within the ministerial and support staffs.

In his free time Jon enjoys reading, spending time with his children Katie, Sarah, and Daniel, and taking his wife, Dana, out on dates. Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University.