Bruce and Kelly Kile

Bruce Kyle and his wife Kelly have been attending Highland Oaks Church of Christ since 1984. He is an executive at a software company focused on human resources. He enjoys activities with his children, boy scouts, and singing on the HOCC Praise Team in his spare time. His passions include singing, teaching, and camping. His spiritual gifts include organization, teaching, and service. As an elder, Bruce appreciates the fact that HOCC is a church family that is welcoming and not judgmental. They are focused on serving others. Kelly teaches at Little Acorns, HOCC’s preschool, and cares for the family’s needs. The children include Mackenzie, a psychology major at Abilene Christian University. She also sings on the HOCC Praise team when she is in town. Tad and Grace are twins. Tad is in Pearce High School in Richardson and active in the band. Grace is at Notre Dame School and active in cheerleading and many Special Olympics sports.