Please read below for a very important message from the McCollums:

Dear Highland Oaks Family,

September was our last month to be paid as missionaries. As you know, we have decided to experiment with being "unpaid missionaries" in Los Angeles. Thanks to God and your many prayers, this transition is complete! After months of job hunting, I found a job in the community! I'm so excited! My new job is going to bless my family and our simple/house church planting efforts in LA in more ways than one: I will make enough salary to provide for my family, including benefits! While on the job I still get to make a difference in the lives of struggling families. I will serve as a case worker for a Homelessness Prevention Program in the LA area. And in the evenings and weekends I will have time to devote to my family, and build spiritually influential relationships in the city. My family will get to model for others what it means to be "missionaries as a way of life!" We can safely answer the question, "What do you do for a living?" when meeting people who are turned off by church and religion. The list goes on...

Meredith, the boys and I cannot express how grateful we are to Highland Oaks for financially supporting us as salaried missionaries since January 2007. You blessed us to be a blessing! Now we would like our partnership in the gospel to continue with you in other (non-financial) ways. For example, we see a real need for continued prayer support and volunteer support. Situations will continue to arise in which a family in E-Ho has a special need (physical, emotional, spiritual) that you can help meet in some way through your talents and creativity. We'll keep you posted. We also would love to see more people joining us here in this "way of life!" Email us anytime at if you would like to come visit us!

Thank you for being on our Prayer Team and loving on us! Please keep us in your prayers, and please pray for God's treasured "missing ones" in E-Ho!

Love, Phil and Meredith McCollum & sons

Way of Life Village

East Hollywood ("E-Ho"), CA

Deep in the heart of a very diverse and densely-populated, low-income area of Los Angeles, Phil and Meredith McCollum and teammates Ed and Katie Magos have made the commitment to live as church planters with an end goal of growing more church-planting churches that are geographically and culturally accessible. Focusing their efforts on lost people who will never try an established or traditional church, Phil and his team will start a growing network of home-based churches that will be started, led, and rapidly reproduced by local believers (with the missionaries’ training and guidance).

By “growing faith where life happens”, the McCollums and Magos families seek to model their efforts after the spread of Christianity in the New Testament. To obtain more information about the Way of Life Church of Christ or the McCollum and Magos families, please submit a contact form.