At Highland Oaks, anyone and everyone can, and is encouraged to, belong to a Life Group.  Life groups provide wonderful opportunities for relationships, spiritual growth, service, and belonging.  Life Groups come in many different shapes and sizes, but the purpose for each is the same – community! 

Some Life Groups form to study the Bible.  Some Life Groups come together around a need for relationship.  Some Life Groups perform service within the church or within the community.  Each Life Group has its own identity and uniqueness.  And every Life Group makes a difference in the lives of its participants and those with whom they come in contact.

If you’d like to join a Life Group, click on “life group finder” in the brown box to the right.  The life group finder lists those groups you can join.  The life group finder lists groups by location and by type (couples, singles, mixed adults, etc).  Life Groups are named after those who are leading the group.   

A few of our Life Groups are listed on the right, but for a more extensive list click on the life group finder link.  By clicking on a group’s name, you can learn more about it.  Due to their purpose, some Life Groups are unable to accommodate new members.  Using the life group finder will help you find groups you can join.

Browse the Life Group pages or look for a small group in your area.  When using the Life Group finder, click on a group you are interested in and hit submit and someone will be in touch with you shortly about that group.  If you need assistance finding the group that is right for you, contact Liz Moore at .