General Information

Highland Oaks church of Christ Plano Campus is a multiple use facility, located at 1815 West 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075.

Worship Center (Auditorium)

Great Room

Professional Kitchen
The kitchen is equipped to serve large gatherings for meals and receptions.

Adult Classrooms

Outdoor Play Area


Main Facility
Facilities Coordinator maintains a calendar of scheduled events for the main building and grounds. Reservations are confirmed on a Priority Use and “first come” basis. All activities involving the use of the facility must be scheduled by contacting the Facilities Coordinator

You will be given a payment schedule. Full payment is due 30 days prior to events.  Refunds will be given if cancelation of reservation is made 30 days before scheduled events. Security deposits are refunded if no damage or loss is incurred, less any unpaid fees.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ Facilities Usage Policies

God has blessed us with a beautiful, multi-functional facility. We have a number of settings that would be ideal for your professional, social, or celebratory event and are honored that you are considering allowing us to serve as your hosts.

We often have several events scheduled simultaneously. Our facilities team is committed to ensuring that your event runs smoothly. In turn, we ask that you comply with the guidelines outlined below. 

  • Activities are to be kept within the agreed upon times and all activities will be finished and the facility evacuated by 10 p.m.
  • For your safety and security reasons, please refrain from propping outside doors open or leaving doors unattended.
  • Please check with the facilities coordinator before moving furniture or decorations; if approval is granted please return items to their original places.
  • Please observe the “no smoking” policy inside all areas of the facility.
  • Please keep all alcoholic beverages off of the church property, inside or outside (including all areas of the parking lot).
  • Food is to be kept in the areas reserved for eating purposes.
  • Please limit beverages in the worship center to water bottles only. No food please.
  • Papers, posters, announcement cards, pictures, etc. shall not be attached to walls and doors.
  • All display items shall be placed on easels, bulletin boards or in door signs provided in the classroom area.
  • Staples, tape, and other fasteners that damage paint and wall materials shall not be used.
  • In the event of damages to the building or facilities, please report to the event host/hostess, facilities manager, or facilities coordinator as soon as possible.

Music Policy

A cappella singing is used in worship services in the HOCC building complex. 

Weddings and funerals may include live or recorded a cappella singing or recorded musical instruments, or any combination of the above.

In all cases, the music must adhere to the standards of traditional good taste and will be in keeping with music that is typically associated with weddings and funerals.  (Example:  Music played in a non-traditional manner by a hard rock band is not allowed. In no case will music be allowed, live or recorded, that contains lewd or inappropriate lyrics.)  Before the building is reserved for a wedding or funeral, information will be collected regarding the planned music.

For more information on renting the Plano facility please call 972-423-4190.