Spiritual nourishment can come from a variety of sources and experiences. Having an active prayer life -- talking to God frequently -- is an incredible source of spiritual feeding. Meaningful conversations and mature advice from a friend can be a great source of spiritual food, too. Serving another person's need the way Jesus calls us to serve is another way of being fed spiritually. But there is a great "banquet" of spiritual food waiting for us in the pages of God's Word. The Bible is "God-breathed" food for life. It has the ability to lift us up from the lowest lows and can help us soar to the highest heights. It has even been said that God's Word can cut to the very marrow of our bones.

Highland Oaks is committed to the study and practice of God's Word. Spending time in the study and application of the Scriptures is a very important element of the life for the people of this church. Click one of our class links and discover more about how you can be fed on God's Word at HOCC.