Lowery/Belt Wedding


Taylor and I adored our wedding at Highland Oaks.  It definitely turned out to be the best day of our lives.  We were married on December 20, 2008.  On Friday night the 19th we used the educational auditorium for our rehearsal dinner.  Having the small kitchen next door was extremely convenient considering Taylor’s family and friends provided all of the food themselves.  We were able to provide Dora and Steve with a list and diagram of what we needed in each room we used.  Our coordinator and we did the majority of all of the set up and decorating, but it could not have been done without the background work done by the Highland Oaks team.  Even though we did most of the set up, there was always somebody near by to help with any questions we had or to dig up something we needed that had been forgotten or misplaced.  We used the green room as the room for me and the bridesmaids to get ready in.  The bride’s room was too small for the number of girls I had chosen to be with me for the day.  Having that room available backstage was fantastic.  Taylor and his groomsmen used a large room upstairs to get ready in which they loved because they had lots of room to hang out as they awaited the ceremony.  It was also wonderful having The Well so close on hand.  Because we had such an early ceremony (11:00am) we had a friend organize a breakfast for the wedding party that morning.  Being able to send our friends and family to The Well to grab some food was so wonderful. 

The auditorium and fellowship hall were the perfect backdrops for our ceremony and reception.  First of all, the auditorium is so gorgeous.  We adored having the cross as the central focus for our ceremony.  We had planned a God-centered ceremony, and the surroundings did nothing but uplift us even more.  Very little had to be done to make that room ready for a beautiful wedding.  The fellowship hall is beautiful as well and very easy to spruce up for a formal event.  The size of the room was fantastic.  It never once feel crowded or overwhelming on that day as we were able to go about all of the tasks of a reception while visiting with our guests. 

All in all, our wedding was a success.  We were incredibly relaxed knowing the day was going to be perfect.  We only had to show up ready to be pampered, married, and celebrating.  We did not worry about a thing throughout the entire course of the morning, and much of that is the result of using Highland Oaks.  Thank you for helping us make our day absolutely unbelievable. 

- Kristi Belt



We have held our annual church leaders’ seminar at Highland Oaks for five years.  The location is easily accessed.  The facilities are perfect for our needs.  Plenty of space is available for plenary sessions, break out groups, meals and refreshment breaks but everything is arranged so that moving between rooms is quick and efficient.  The staff is always gracious and helpful.  We hope we never have to move anywhere else!


Sandy Lowe

CBS Events Coordinator

Dean's Office

Abilene Christian University