Teacher:  Bill Shepard 

Time:  10:30 AM

Place:  Auditorium

Topics:  This class is a folow-up study of the lesson presented in the sermon.

Teaching Approach: The teacher uses a discussion method to enhance on the lesson and scriptures used in the sermon. 

Class Members:  This class is made up of members who are age 60+,  though all are welcome.

The Classics Class

The word "Classic" is not usually applied to a person or persons, but nevertheless, some of the definitions for classic certainly seems to apply to members of the class.  Classics have been said to be treasures that have enduring value, and often their value increases over time.  Classics have lasting significance, and are said to serve as a standard of excellence and are seen as authentic. 

This definition certainly fits members of this class, but they are more than this.  They have served the Lord for many years and are still serving.  This servant attitude continues, as members of this class serve each other.  Some class time is devoted each Sunday morning to hearing of needs of our church family and those outside our family as well.  Class members help provide for some of the neediest of our community through donations to LifeSource.  Some members are active participants in procuring for  and distributing items from LifeSource.  Other members are active in Ladies programs, Monday night for the Master, Wednesday night suppers and many other programs at the church. 

"Classics" is an appropriate name for this class.  It describes the members.  It fits!!  Come and join us. 

King for the Month


 by Sandy Kniffen

Our Honoree this month is Sam Moore.  Sam was born in Mildred, TX, moved to New London, TX at 6 months of age.  He attended Kilgore Jr. College for two years, then graduated from Texas A & M in 1953 in Engineering.  After graduation, he moved to Ohio & worked for Goodyear Atomic Corp.  He was sent to Oakridge, Tenn. for training.  Obviously, he didn't spend all his time studying since he met Mary at a Professional Girls' Club Party.  After marriage, they lived all over the country but have lived in the same house n PLano since 1968.  They have two daughters & two grandchildren.

Sam's hobbies are woodworking, traveling, playing games, & loafing.  He says he especially enjoys loafing.  He is involved in Monday Night for the Master & mission work in South Texas.

Sam is known as our church photographer.  He takes pictures at church functions, especially our Christmas Parties, & has done this for years.  Sam worked on the first GPS receiver at TI.  A little known fact about Sam is that he has five patents & one International patent to his name.  Sam would never admit it but I imagine it takes a smart cookie to accomplish this.  The best part about Sam is that he always shows up when this Church has something going on. 

We appreciate you Sam & thank you for being someone this Church can always count on.