The Plano 30's-40's class is a group of single and married people who get together on Sunday mornings to study the Bible and share life together. While we're all in basically the same age group, our life experiences are "all over the map." Some have newborn kids, some have kids in college and some don't have any kids at all. Even with that range of diversity, this group really enjoys being together.

Class sessions are interactive and conversational. We share our burdens and troubles, we pray together and we dig into the realities of being a Christ-follower at this point in our life journey. Each week provides a new opportunity for everyone to grow closer to Jesus and closer to each other.

While our primary activity is being together in class on Sunday mornings, we also find time to share life together in other ways, too. Meals, game nights and service projects are all part of what the 30's-40's do as a group together.

Our group is growing spiritually and numerically, but there is always room for more! Come check us out and we'll share the blessing of life together.

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