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Linking Christians Together

The Highland Oaks blog roll was created to unite bloggers from the Highland Oaks family as they share their faith and lives through blogging.  Whether you would like to be encouraged yourself or encourage someone else; whether you need to find out you are not alone or just need to smile, there is something for everyone on the HOCC Blog Roll.

Psalm 119:103 says "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!"  Daily time in God's word is essential.  In addition to God's written word, sometimes a word from God can be found through the eyes of another.  We invite you to visit and respond to any of the blogs listed below.  You might be blessed by what you read or be able to offer encouragement to someone else through your response.

The Center for Spiritual Formation

Green Pastures - Christopher Green

One Woman's Thoughts - Liz Moore

Struck by Grace - Tom Howard

If you are a member of Highland Oaks and would like to be listed on our blog roll please email the following information to the moderator by choosing join below.

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Each blog will be visited by the moderator before being added to the roll to ensure it meets with the spirit and intent of the HOCC Blog Roll, however we cannot be responsible for the ongoing content of any blog.  HOCC reserves the right to refuse or remove any blog that we feel would interrupt the unity and harmony of the blog roll.  Blogs that we deem as offensive or contain foul language will be removed from the roll immediately without notice. 


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