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9/8/2013 "Name"

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…there’s just something about that name” is the opening line of an often recorded Christian song. While the lyric is true, are we desensitized to just how powerful the name of Jesus truly is? One day Peter and John passed by a crippled man outside the Jerusalem Temple. The man begged as he did every day for money from the people going to worship, but Peter said to the beggar, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” And the man walked! This week, we rediscover the wonder and the power Jesus brings to all who are willing to call on the name of the Lord.

Words with Disciples Dallas - P. Bills; Plano - C. Green
5/26/2013 "Kingdom"

5-26-2013 - Someone once said, "Perhaps the best stories are those that go on living after they are supposed to be forgotten." And this is what makes the story of Luke's Jesus so compelling: His story still lives 2000 years later. This morning we hear Jesus declare what seems to be words of closing and farewell; words like "fulfilled," "Messiah," "witness," and "promise." But these are words that will empower the disciples to not only tell the story but live the story. And Luke's story of King and Kingdom continues to offer hope to a world in despair. We must be willing to take the risk and live this story.

"Deep Water" Dallas-P. Bills; Plano - C. Green
5/19/2013 "King"

5-19-2013 - It is the moment the disciples had been waiting for. It is the moment when Jesus would make good on his promise. It is the moment that Luke's story has been pointing toward. It is the moment when Jesus would come and be King. Yet this morning the King is not riding on a chariot or filled with celebratory joy. The King is riding on a donkey and weeping over his city. Yes... the moment of would-be triumph is instead a moment of upside-down declaration. Jesus is announcing His time to show the world His "power" and "resolve." Will we choose to worship a King who chooses to make the world right by emptying himself and dying on a cross?

"Deep Water" Dallas-P. Bills; Plano - M. Hadley
3/31/2013 "Resurrection"

The whole of Christianity hinges on resurrection -- the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. While Easter Sunday is the focal point of Christ’s resurrection, we are richly blessed to live in the power of resurrection every day of the year. In conjunction with Luke’s account of the resurrection, today we’re appreciate some of the more “common” implications of living in the power of the resurrection. Resurrection brings healing to all the broken things of our life.

Resurrection Dallas-P.Bills; Plano-C. Green
1/27/2013 "Voice"

1-27-13- In all of the gospel stories, there is one voice that rises above the rest. In spite of his odd wardrobe and off-putting dietary choices, it is John's voice that matters to the story of Jesus. John cries out from a deep part of Israel's story and even speaks of the coming of the Spirit and fire! What would happen if we truly listened to John's voice this morning? Join us as we listen to a voice that has the potential to lead us to some deep and risky water.

"Deep Water" Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
6/3/2012 "I AM: No Longer Dead"

6-3-2012 - The powers of darkness have been defeated. The mission of God has been fulfilled. The word that became flesh has now risen from the dead. Yet what difference does this story make in our lives? Are we willing to base our entire faith-filled lives upon the truth of this one event? The resurrection account gives us two options: we either believe the story is true or claim that it is false. There is no option for half-hearted belief. Join us as we, alongside of Mary, shed tears of hope for the reality of our resurrected Lord!

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
4/29/2012 "I AM: The Way, The Truth, and the Life"

4-29-2012 - Jesus is going away and his followers are naturally concerned. “Where are going?”; “Can you just show us the Father?” are both reasonable questions. Pointing toward his father’s house, Jesus encourages his followers that he is “the way, the truth and the life.” Jesus also makes the promise that though his is going away, it is ultimately for their benefit (and ours, too). While we can’t see the road ahead in this life or even in the life to come, we are assured that Jesus is the way; we believe his way is truthful and that by following him, we have eternal life now and in the life to come.

I AM Pat Bills
4/15/2012 "I AM: The King"

4-15-2012 “God bless [or save] the King” is language heard for centuries all over the world, but it may fall strangely on our ears. “King?” we might wonder. Our country was established by people escaping the reign of a king. Why would we want to subject ourselves to a king when we fought so hard to live in the freedom of a democracy? We may miss (or even reject) the notion of having a “king,” who is sovereign over us. But as Jesus makes his turn toward the cross, John’s gospel uses powerful imagery to identify Jesus as the King of Israel and the King of kings. Jesus is the true King and he has come to claim his rightful place in heaven, on earth and in our hearts.

I AM Pat Bills
4/1/2012 "I Am: From the Father"

4-1-2012 - The confident faith of any Christ-follower is rooted in the truth that Jesus was God in the flesh. One of the main themes of John’s gospel is for the reader to believe Jesus is from the Father. When people are unclear on where Jesus comes from and his relationship to God the Father, they often become unclear on anything else that is certain and necessary for a life of faith.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
3/18/2012 "I Am: The One Who Gives Sight"

3-18-2012 - Healing the eyes of a man born blind was one thing, but trying to get blind religious leaders see the Son of God for who he really is, that was a challenge. But the difficulty wasn’t with Jesus but with religious leader’s not willing to see beyond themselves and their ideas. Sometimes those who claim “to see” are the ones who are really blind and those who appear to be “blind” are not blind at all. Those are the ones to whom Jesus has given sight. In what ways might we be “blind” to the way Jesus sees things and how might Jesus need to open our eyes today?

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
3/11/2012 Dallas “Drop Your Weapons – A message about Forgiveness”

3-11-2012 - Dallas campus: "Drop Your Weapons – A message about Forgiveness". Plano campus continues the I Am Series: “ I Am: Forgiveness" - When a woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus, the tables quickly turn on her accusers. This story in John does not mean that sin doesn’t matter. On the contrary, sin matters a lot, which makes forgiveness even more important. We find ourselves on both sides of this story… accuser as well as accused. Those who have been forgiven by Jesus have the distinct opportunity to learn the practice of forgiveness from the Great Forgiver.

I AM Dallas Daniel Mullican & Jon Mullican/Plano-C. Green
2/26/2012 "I Am the Bread of Life"

2-26-2012 - It is the only miracle that all four gospel writers include in their story. It is a remarkable feat; Jesus feeds over 5000 people from one boy’s lunch. Yet, there is a deeper story at work than simply filling hungry stomachs on a mountainside. Jesus connects the people to the story of Israel’s history in the wilderness…doing what God does so well: feeding his people. Join us as we embrace the bread of life who continues to feed us over and over again.

I AM Dallas-Hunter Howard / Plano-C. Green
2/19/2012 "I am the Healer"

2-19-2012 - Healing is what we crave. Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual- we all desperately want a remedy for our ailments. But can you imagine being set free from a 38 year handicap? This morning we venture into John and find Jesus healing a paralyzed man... on the Sabbath. There ought to be great joy for this news but instead Jesus ignites a religious controversy. Whose side will we take? Join us as we watch the gentle healer and invite him to disrupt our traditionalism.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
2/12/2012 "I Am the Messiah"

2-12-2012 - The situation is awkward. The conversation is strange. But what unfolds at a well in Samaria is one of the most beautiful offers of redemption in the whole story of scripture. Join us as we watch Jesus give water to a thirsty soul and assure us all that he is truly the Messiah.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
1/29/2012 "I Am Here"

1-29-2012 - No one likes a party more than Jesus…but on this particular occasion, Jesus will do something miraculous. As the wine runs out and the wedding party’s honor is in jeopardy, Jesus miraculously makes more wine out of mere water – thus revealing the first of John’s “signs.” This morning we go "behind the scenes" and discover that, over and above alleviating a social crisis, Jesus is also making a statement about his authority. Even today, he is still choosing to crash our party and declare, "I am greater than religion."

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green