Date Title Series Speaker
7/1/2012 "Achy, Breaky Heart"

7-1-2012 - Betrayal is a painful reality. When trust is lost and unfaithfulness settles in, is it possible for the relationship to be restored? This is the aching question the prophet Hosea seeks to answer. So God asks Hosea to preach the impossible- he must embody the adulterous lifestyle that Israel has embraced. Through this life-song Hosea will prove that though Israel has broken the heart of God, He still chooses to relentlessly pursue a second chance for relationship.

One Hit Wonders D-M. Hadley, P-C. Green
3/18/2012 "I Am: The One Who Gives Sight"

3-18-2012 - Healing the eyes of a man born blind was one thing, but trying to get blind religious leaders see the Son of God for who he really is, that was a challenge. But the difficulty wasn’t with Jesus but with religious leader’s not willing to see beyond themselves and their ideas. Sometimes those who claim “to see” are the ones who are really blind and those who appear to be “blind” are not blind at all. Those are the ones to whom Jesus has given sight. In what ways might we be “blind” to the way Jesus sees things and how might Jesus need to open our eyes today?

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
3/11/2012 Dallas “Drop Your Weapons – A message about Forgiveness”

3-11-2012 - Dallas campus: "Drop Your Weapons – A message about Forgiveness". Plano campus continues the I Am Series: “ I Am: Forgiveness" - When a woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus, the tables quickly turn on her accusers. This story in John does not mean that sin doesn’t matter. On the contrary, sin matters a lot, which makes forgiveness even more important. We find ourselves on both sides of this story… accuser as well as accused. Those who have been forgiven by Jesus have the distinct opportunity to learn the practice of forgiveness from the Great Forgiver.

I AM Dallas Daniel Mullican & Jon Mullican/Plano-C. Green
2/19/2012 "I am the Healer"

2-19-2012 - Healing is what we crave. Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual- we all desperately want a remedy for our ailments. But can you imagine being set free from a 38 year handicap? This morning we venture into John and find Jesus healing a paralyzed man... on the Sabbath. There ought to be great joy for this news but instead Jesus ignites a religious controversy. Whose side will we take? Join us as we watch the gentle healer and invite him to disrupt our traditionalism.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
2/12/2012 "I Am the Messiah"

2-12-2012 - The situation is awkward. The conversation is strange. But what unfolds at a well in Samaria is one of the most beautiful offers of redemption in the whole story of scripture. Join us as we watch Jesus give water to a thirsty soul and assure us all that he is truly the Messiah.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
1/1/2012 "Testimonials"

1-12-2012 - It is a new year! How many of you have already made New Year’s resolutions? How many of you have already broken one or more of those resolutions? The fact is, the beginning of each year provides an opportunity for reflection, a time for change, and most importantly, the chance to step into the new calendar with a renewed sense of fervor and an attitude of gratefulness in the journey that lies ahead. This morning, as we celebrate God’s glory in the New Year, we will be hearing from four HOCC members – sharing their own personal testimony in response to this question: “How have you seen God’s mercies made new this past year?” So, let us join together this morning for a time of praise and worship, prayer, communion, and words of testimony about the ever-renewing mercies of God. To begin, we welcome Mark Hooper to the stage.

Advent Various
12/4/2011 All Things New

12-4-2011 - God’s people had their backs to an Egyptian wall. Under the oppression of the tyrannical ruler Pharaoh, Israel was kept in Egyptian slavery for some 400 years. Nothing they did could bring freedom until God rescued them. Through a dramatic series of events, God led his people out of bondage and into freedom. God provided a new way out. This time of year is a difficult season for many people. Grief, loss, and painful memories are like emotional slavery and people are looking for deliverance; they need to experience a “new exodus.” This week in Advent, we recall the ancient story of Israel and how God moved them from slavery to freedom. And then we look towards the new Exodus, the Advent of new freedom from the slavery of sin and our sorrows.

Advent - "New" Pat Bills
6/26/2011 An Elephant In the Room

6-26-2011 - Of all the topics addressed on Sunday morning, perhaps the most difficult are those which we are most uncomfortable. Same sex attraction is certainly one of those "elephants" we often ignore. Same sex attraction is a complicated and sensitive topic that reaches our neighbors and even those among us. This morning we expose the elephant in the room and create space for a helpful conversation with scripture and one another that seeks to ask: "How might we engage those who embrace same sex attraction." May God's mercy and grace open our eyes towards anyone who walks this painful journey.

Engage Pat Bills
6/12/2011 Crying For Help

6-12-2011 - Addiction is when anyone is held captive be a behavior that draws them away from the heart of God. Though the mention of the word brings thoughts of drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse; addictions must not be limited to a few destructive habits. At its core, addictions are deep felt-needs that stretch into a heart crying out for help. As God's family we must seek out ways to be a refuge for the addicts among us and be helpful to anyone who chooses to "face the music." We must receive crying hearts with arms of hope, mercy, and reconciliation- we can offer a different song! This morning we explore the world of addiction and continue to ask, "How might I engage the addict in my front yard?"

Engage Dallas-P.Bills / Plano-C.Green
5/29/2011 “What Do You Say About Sickness and Death?”

5-29-2011 - Of all the uncomfortable topics of conversation with our neighbors, sickness and death rank at the very top. Let’s be honest – it is hard to know what to say. This morning we explore what story of scripture affirms about the painful reality of suffering, sickness, and even death. Even more, we invite a courageous story from our own church family to help us learn the language we must use to engage those neighbors who are dealing with life’s most painful realities.

Engage Pat Bills