Date Title Series Speaker
1/6/2013 "Pull, Leave, and Follow"

As we begin a new year we turn our attention to a small band of fishermen in Galilee. While living lives of common occupation and circumstance, a radical change is on the horizon. This morning we explore an invitation that rocked the world of a few simple fishermen. Even more, it was a call that changed the world forever. The invitation was to "pull, leave, and follow." Are we willing to respond for our world and time? Are we willing to follow Jesus while leaving everything behind?

"Pull, Leave, and Follow" Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
12/30/2012 "An Unexpected Hope"

12-30-2012 - "An Unexpected Hope" We close our Advent series by looking forward with anticipation and hope. Though Christ has come we live with the expectation that He will come again. Jesus preaches about it, Paul prays for it, and John dreams of it… the second Advent is the hope of the world. Join us as we embrace the tension of living “between the times” and look forward with great hope that God will come again finally and triumphantly.

"The Unexpected Jesus" D-J. Mullican; P-C. Green
12/23/2012 "An Unexpected Arrival"

12-23-2012 - The last two weeks we have focused on how God chose to come in unexpected ways. But perhaps the most surprising element of all is that God chose to come through her. God can’t be serious. A young unwed Jewish girl is picked as the one to carry the son of God? It is scandalous to imagine that God’s favor would rest upon the most unexpected person of all. But maybe – just maybe it’s not too much of a stretch to hope for God’s favor to come to the most unlikely places…

"The Unexpected Jesus" Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
12/16/2012 "An Unexpected Favor"

12-16-2012 - The last two weeks we have focused on how God chose to come in unexpected ways. But perhaps the most surprising element of all is that God chose to come through her. God can’t be serious. A young unwed Jewish girl is picked as the one to carry the son of God? It is scandalous to imagine that God’s favor would rest upon the most unexpected person of all. But maybe – just maybe it’s not too much of a stretch to hope for God’s favor to come to the most unlikely places…

"The Unexpected Jesus" Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
12/9/2012 "An Unexpected Guest"

12-9-2012 - In the second installment of our Advent series we look at how the story of God’s arrival begins. Both Matthew and Luke begin to tell the story of Jesus in the most unexpected way – by introducing us to some shady characters in Israel’s family tree. And yet God chooses to come through this – the most unexpected guest list of all. Who invited these guests to the party? Does that mean we are invited to?

"The Unexpected Jesus" Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
12/2/2012 "The Unexpected Voice"

12-2-2012 - This week’s opening Advent message explores how God chose to speak into a world of chaos. Just as in the beginning, God’s desire is that His voice – His word – would be heard anew! Eugene Peterson translates John’s version this way: “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” Is the unexpected voice heard in the neighborhood of Bethlehem still heard today? Perhaps we should listen carefully…

"The Unexpected Jesus" Dallas-P. Bills-Plano-C. Green
11/25/2012 "Preparing the Way with Prayer"

11-25-2012 - With Advent upon us, are we fully prepared for the blessing of receiving, once again, the arrival of God’s Son? Is there more we can do to ready ourselves? When we are faithful to the discipline of prayer, when we practice it with intention and diligence, prayer leads us to rest and restoration. Regular times of prayer open us up to God’s active presence and it restores our hope in the calling we have been given in Christ Jesus. In this final session before Advent, we explore the wonder of prayer and how it prepares the way for Jesus to refresh our hearts as we serve in His name.

Preparing the Way: Embracing the Rhythms of Advent Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
11/19/2012 "Preparing the Way With Silence"

11-18-2012 - “Hear the snow crunch, see the kids bunch, this is…” The lyric is familiar as it captures part of the wonderful experience of Christmas. But “above all this bustle…” what do we really hear? Over the chime of Silver Bells, and the roar of holiday activity, are we really listening for God? Amid all the noise, a bit of silence is in order. Henri Nowen wrote, “Silence first makes us pilgrims. Secondly silence guards the fire within. Thirdly, silence teaches us how to speak.” In this session, we prepare for Advent reexamining the value of silence and its role in our spiritual life.

Preparing the Way: Embracing the Rhythms of Advent Dallas-C. Higgins, Plano-C. Green
11/12/2012 "Preparing the Way With Solitude"

11-11-2012 - The first thing Jesus did after being baptized by John the Baptist, was to be alone in the desert. This was the way Jesus prepared for his earthly ministry. The road to solitude is demanding and is ever calling for more. It does not necessarily call for more space and time, but more intensity, attention and devotion. Saying “yes” to time alone with God, requires saying “no” to something or someone else. Far too frequently, solitude calls me to say “no” to myself (to my own desires, preferences and will). As we prepare for Advent, we examine the discipline of “Solitude” and the blessings it brings on our way toward a deeper walk with God and greater ministry.

Preparing the Way: Embracing the Rhythms of Advent Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
11/4/2012 "We Are: Epuipped"

11-04-2012 - So how can the WEchurch live as ambassadors for God's purpose and rule in the world? "Take heart," says Paul, "for we are strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!" God has given us what is needed to live our lives in this world. God gives us an entire arsenal of faithful armor to stand against the enemy... WE are equipped for battle and WE must join the fight.

WE Church: Moving From ME to WE in the Book of Eph Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-B. Eason
10/28/2012 "WE are Imitators"

10-28-2012 - There is an old saying that goes: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." But for Paul and the WEchurch, imitation is the highest form of faith. Because we have been brought from darkness into light, we walk together as imitators of God. WE are a family who strive to please God in every way; asking Christ to shine His light upon us... WE are imitators.

WE Church: Moving From ME to WE in the Book of Eph Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
10/21/2012 "WE are Called"

10-21-2012 - In the fourth chapter of Ephesians, Paul invites the WEchurch to "live a life worthy of the calling they have received." What does it mean to live a worthy life? Paul answers by offering the WEchurch notions of unity, love, maturity, and truth. These are the Spiritual words that shape and form us together for a new life... WE have been called together by one Lord, one, faith, one baptism, and one Father of all.

WE Church: Moving From ME to WE in the Book of Eph Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
10/14/2012 "WE are Powerful"

10-14-2012 - When Paul prays we ought to listen. And this morning Paul is praying for the WE church in Ephesus and uses a word over and again- power. And what does power look like when power exerts itself within a community of individuals who have been brought together under one promise and for one purpose? Power is our willingness to embrace that WE have a world within us that is greater than the world around us... WE are powerful.

WE Church: Moving From ME to WE in the Book of Eph Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
10/7/2012 "WE are the New Community"

10-7-2012 - Paul continues to define the WEchurch by offering a profound reality: through Christ's redemptive work we have been formed together. And together we have been made alive by a gift we did not deserve - we have been given access to true peace - we have been shaped into a new community. With Christ as our cornerstone, WE are now built together for the redemption of the world... WE are the new community.

WE Church: Moving From ME to WE in the Book of Eph Dallas-M. Hadley, Plano-C. Green
9/30/2012 "WE are Chosen"

9-30-2012 - Paul's extended prayer at the opening of the Ephesian letter places each one of us within a larger context or story. As Paul prays our individual stories of hope, obedience, promise, and failure are only as powerful as our ability to understand them in context of a much larger story. And the story is God at work among us just as in the beginning of Israel's story. So God's story of WE begins by choosing a family that becomes a nation. Through this family He still chooses to relentlessly pursue relationship with us so that through us... WE are chosen for Him and one another.

WE Church: Moving From ME to WE in the Book of Eph Dallas-P. Bills, Plano-C. Green
9/23/2012 "Living Forward"

9-23-2012 - Over the last several weeks we have discovered again what our Highland Oaks family values most. As we live into our core values in the years to come, what does our church family look like? What are we seeking to become? This morning we will explore the results of our Reveal study as well as offer some exciting vision for our future. We believe that God has given us a bold vision for what He seeks to accomplish through us. We are ready to live forward.

The Core Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
9/16/2012 "The Spirit of the House: Rhythms and Disciplines of Daily Life with Jesus"

9-16-2012 - Over the last several weeks we have discovered again what our Highland Oaks family values most. As we live into our core values in the years to come, what does our church family look like? What are we seeking to become? This morning we will explore the results of our Reveal study as well as offer some exciting vision for our future. We believe that God has given us a bold vision for what He seeks to accomplish through us. We are ready to live forward.

The Core Dallas-P. Bills Plano-B.Eason & R. Higgins
9/9/2012 "Our Family Room: A Gathering for Authentic Relationship"

9-9-2012 - In a world becoming increasingly smaller through electronic media and social networking, ironically, we are living more and more isolated from one another. Virtual life isn’t always as authentic as living life face-to-face. Technology is great, but really sharing life together takes some effort. Faith was never intended to be lived in isolation or a vacuum. Life with Jesus means living life with other followers of Jesus. In this message, we look at biblical examples of community and how true community in Jesus leads to authentic relationship with one another.

The Core Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
9/2/2012 "Our Kitchen: Tenacious Dedication to Service"

9-2-2012 - In Amdican homes, these days the kitchen is arguably the most popular room in the house. And it's not just our love for good food that finds us gathering there most, it is friendship, fellowship and love for others. Jesus taught that the greatest act of love is to serve and give your love for the sake of someone else. At Highland Oaks, we encourage each other to take serving others seriously. In today's message, we call ourselves back to a tenacious dedication to serving others and continuing to make the kitchen the best room in the house.

The Core Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
8/28/2012 "Our Front Yard: Sacrificing for the Sake of Another"

8-26-2012 - Loving others reflects the very nature of God. Loving sacrificially takes us deep into the two greatest commands God gave his people: Love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself. But too often, we restrict the “as you love yourself” part to what is “easiest or best for me.” Meeting our neighbors where they are, stepping into the “front yard” as a faith community, we pursue ways to truly love others “as we love ourselves” not just in ways that are easy for us. In this message, we identify ways to bypass the “easy” to discover the real power of truly sacrificing for the sake of another.

The Core Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
8/19/2012 "What Love Requires"

8-19-2012 - Most of us were taught from a young age about love. We were instructed how to behave in a loving way, we were coached how to speak with a loving tone; we received love and were taught how to give love. But what if we were love? What if love defined us? What kind of people would we be? What kind of world would we have if everyone was defined by love? It may be impossible for us to grasp, but it is true of God. God is love. Because God is love, there are powerful implications for being his people and being loved by him. The Core of our life as a faith community is built on one simple (and yet, complex) thing: love. In this message, we reconnect with Love (God) and we reaffirm we are called to “live what love requires.”

The Core Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
8/12/2012 "When We Are the Body"

8-12-2012 - Today we again celebrate a landmark event: both campuses, combined praise teams, and all for the purpose of being family. We use the image of family because it best defines who we are as the people of God. Join us on this special day as we are drawn into a deeper awareness of our identity as family.

Variety Sunday 2012 Pat Bills
8/5/2012 "Believe It Or Not"

8-5-2012 - We began the "One Hit Wonders" with a question: Does God have a dream? Every week we have heard the prophets singing God's love song for His people inviting them to embody His vision for justice, peace, and shalom. This morning we conclude by looking back at our study so that we can move forward in our dreams with God. He desires our partnership in "returning the world to Eden." Are we bold enough to accept His invitation to dream?

One Hit Wonders Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
7/29/2012 "The Book of Love"

7-29-2012 - If the prophets have made anything clear it is this unsettling truth: Israel has been rebellious and God's heart has been broken. Yet, God relentlessly pursues relationship with His people and offers grace over and over again. This morning we explore the dangerous and risky love God has for Israel and for us. Join us as we allow God to sing over us his redemption song with great delight and hopeful compassion.

One Hit Wonders Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-B. Eason
7/22/2012 "Blame It On The Rain"

7-22-2012 - Complaining is an irritating symptom of our culture and society. But have you ever considered there might be a space for "Holy" complaint? In other words, is there ever a place to cry out to God with heart-felt questions and honest doubt? The prophet Habakkuk is crying out with Holy complaint to His God. And the invitation is for us to listen as he laments and discover how we can long for God to enter the space of our doubts, fears, and trials.

One Hit Wonders Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
7/15/2012 "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

7-15-2012 - Have you ever taken pleasure in someone "getting what they deserve?" Or have you ever wished that an enemy or adversary would suffer the consequences of their actions? This morning, Obadiah is speaking to those who have enemies, adversaries, or struggle with helping those who have been hurtful. Loving enemies did not begin with the ministry of Jesus- it is rooted in Yahweh's character and love. Come and hear Obadiah give a startling message to those who struggle with loving enemies and caring for those who are difficult to love.

One Hit Wonders Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
7/8/2012 "We Built This City

7-8-2012 - The city has been ransacked and the temple destroyed. Even worse, God’s people have been ripped from their homeland and taken into exile. So when Israel returns home, beaten and bruised from years of separation, they must rebuild their house of worship that lies in ruin. Haggai’s song of encouragement is for Israel to rebuild with hopeful anticipation of God’s presence to be with them once again.

One Hit Wonders Dallas-Jarrod Robinson; Plano-C. Green
7/1/2012 "Achy, Breaky Heart"

7-1-2012 - Betrayal is a painful reality. When trust is lost and unfaithfulness settles in, is it possible for the relationship to be restored? This is the aching question the prophet Hosea seeks to answer. So God asks Hosea to preach the impossible- he must embody the adulterous lifestyle that Israel has embraced. Through this life-song Hosea will prove that though Israel has broken the heart of God, He still chooses to relentlessly pursue a second chance for relationship.

One Hit Wonders D-M. Hadley, P-C. Green
6/24/2012 "House of the Rising Sun"

6-24-2012 - The message of the prophet Amos is not for the religious faint of heart! His song is clear: Israel’s worship is frighteningly hollow and stinks of religious pride and prejudice. This morning we wake a painful look at how Israel’s house of worship had become corrupt and their selfish hearts led them further away from God. Amos’s song is an invitation to hear: We must “seek good and hate evil.”

One Hit Wonders Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
6/17/2012 "We Are the World"

6-17-2012 - In the mid 1980’s, a group of world-renowned artists rallied together to produce a song that would capture the world’s attention. “We are the world” was an anthem for all people to rise up and imagine how the social injustice of the world could be overcome and all people might come together for the “world to become a better place.” Similarly, the prophetic messages throughout the Old Testament sound ring loudly in the midst of similar social injustices. The message is clear: Yahweh desperately desires for his people to return to Him so the world might become a place where mercy and justice lives. This morning we listen to the hopeful imagination of the prophets’ song as they call us to listen above the noise of our religious pursuits and wanderings.

One Hit Wonders Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
6/10/2012 "I Am the One Who Commissions"

6-10-2012 - Commission is a powerful word. It evokes images of responsibility and order. At the end of John’s gospel we find Jesus commissioning his disciples into the world – to continue His responsibility and order of all things. Join us, in this last installment from our series in the gospel of John, as we hear these final words of commission for the mission of God. Let those who have ears to hear, hear the word of God!

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
6/3/2012 "I AM: No Longer Dead"

6-3-2012 - The powers of darkness have been defeated. The mission of God has been fulfilled. The word that became flesh has now risen from the dead. Yet what difference does this story make in our lives? Are we willing to base our entire faith-filled lives upon the truth of this one event? The resurrection account gives us two options: we either believe the story is true or claim that it is false. There is no option for half-hearted belief. Join us as we, alongside of Mary, shed tears of hope for the reality of our resurrected Lord!

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
5/27/2012 "I AM: Lifted Up"

5-27-2012 - It is the most recognized symbol in all of Christianity. It has served as the emblem of holy wars and a symbol for aid in the midst of natural disaster. It has even adorned the necks of men and women who seek to give a profession of their faith. It is the cross. Yet, the cross was a means to God’s end – the fulfillment of His mission since the beginning of time. What will we see when we come to the Messiah who has been lifted up “so that all people may be drawn unto himself?” Come and see a God who cries “it is finished” to accomplish what man could not. Come and see a Messiah who, in being lifted up, so loved the world.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
5/20/2012 "I AM: Praying"

5-20-2012 - The scene is surreal. On the one hand we know that Jesus is both human and divine but on the other we hear him pray… what does Jesus pray for when his life has reached its most critical juncture? This morning we uncover the powerful words Jesus announces over us and on behalf of us in prayer as he moves towards the agony of the cross.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
5/13/2012 "I AM: The True Vine"

5-13-2012 - Woven throughout John are beautiful statements of who Jesus claims to be. Today we discover that while praying with his disciples, Jesus reminds them that he is like a vine and they are like branches. Is Jesus simply giving a helpful metaphor or is there a deeper reality that must be embraced for His mission to the world? Join us as we uncover our identity as branches that extend from the true vine into the world.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
5/6/2012 "Senior Blessing"

5-6-2012 - On this particular Sunday we are giving honor and blessing to our graduating seniors. It is appropriate that our text for this special occasion is the declaration of Jesus to his disciples that He would never abandon them or leave them alone. As we prepare and bless our graduates into their next season of life, we watch with eager anticipation as John tells us of how Jesus brings hopeful news of preparation and blessing.

I AM D-M. Hadley & B. Stratton; P-B. Eason & B. Stratton
4/29/2012 "I AM: The Way, The Truth, and the Life"

4-29-2012 - Jesus is going away and his followers are naturally concerned. “Where are going?”; “Can you just show us the Father?” are both reasonable questions. Pointing toward his father’s house, Jesus encourages his followers that he is “the way, the truth and the life.” Jesus also makes the promise that though his is going away, it is ultimately for their benefit (and ours, too). While we can’t see the road ahead in this life or even in the life to come, we are assured that Jesus is the way; we believe his way is truthful and that by following him, we have eternal life now and in the life to come.

I AM Pat Bills
4/22/2012 "I AM: The One Who Serves"

4-22-2012 - The earthly life and ministry of Jesus was one of extremes; the King of Kings having all authority in heaven and on earth and yet, Jesus had “no place to lay his head” and came to “give his life as a ransom for many.” The last place we might expect to find a king is on his knees washing the feet of his followers, but that is where we find Jesus. When Jesus washes his follower’s feet, he acts in intimacy, tenderness and total servitude. We are nothing close to kings or queens, but we are called to serve the way Jesus did. The question is, “Are we willing?”

I AM D-Scott Sager, P-Brad Eason
4/15/2012 "I AM: The King"

4-15-2012 “God bless [or save] the King” is language heard for centuries all over the world, but it may fall strangely on our ears. “King?” we might wonder. Our country was established by people escaping the reign of a king. Why would we want to subject ourselves to a king when we fought so hard to live in the freedom of a democracy? We may miss (or even reject) the notion of having a “king,” who is sovereign over us. But as Jesus makes his turn toward the cross, John’s gospel uses powerful imagery to identify Jesus as the King of Israel and the King of kings. Jesus is the true King and he has come to claim his rightful place in heaven, on earth and in our hearts.

I AM Pat Bills
4/8/2012 "I am: The Resurrection and the Life"

4-8-2012 - The apostle Paul wrote, “If our hope in Christ is for this life only, we should be pitied more than anyone else in the world” (1 Cor. 15:19). In John’s gospel, the power of “resurrection and life” is revealed in powerful ways. Jesus raises his friend Lazarus from the dead and in doing so, he claims something that only he can claim bringing hope and resurrected life to anyone who believes in him. It is Easter Sunday and together, we celebrate that our hope in Christ goes way beyond the life and reaches into eternity.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
4/1/2012 "I Am: From the Father"

4-1-2012 - The confident faith of any Christ-follower is rooted in the truth that Jesus was God in the flesh. One of the main themes of John’s gospel is for the reader to believe Jesus is from the Father. When people are unclear on where Jesus comes from and his relationship to God the Father, they often become unclear on anything else that is certain and necessary for a life of faith.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
3/25/2012 "I Am: The Good Shepherd"

3-25- 2012 - To this day a Middle Eastern shepherd can walk into a large flock of sheep and simply by calling their name, a sheep will come out and follow him. If they aren’t his sheep, they won’t come out because they only recognize their own shepherd’s voice. With all the noise and competing “voices” in our world today, it isn’t easy to listen for, let alone hear, the voice of the Good Shepherd. But Jesus is the Good Shepherd and he is patient and persistent in calling for us and if we are truly his sheep, we will hear him. What might he be saying? We listen closely and follow where he leads.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
3/18/2012 "I Am: The One Who Gives Sight"

3-18-2012 - Healing the eyes of a man born blind was one thing, but trying to get blind religious leaders see the Son of God for who he really is, that was a challenge. But the difficulty wasn’t with Jesus but with religious leader’s not willing to see beyond themselves and their ideas. Sometimes those who claim “to see” are the ones who are really blind and those who appear to be “blind” are not blind at all. Those are the ones to whom Jesus has given sight. In what ways might we be “blind” to the way Jesus sees things and how might Jesus need to open our eyes today?

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
3/11/2012 Dallas “Drop Your Weapons – A message about Forgiveness”

3-11-2012 - Dallas campus: "Drop Your Weapons – A message about Forgiveness". Plano campus continues the I Am Series: “ I Am: Forgiveness" - When a woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus, the tables quickly turn on her accusers. This story in John does not mean that sin doesn’t matter. On the contrary, sin matters a lot, which makes forgiveness even more important. We find ourselves on both sides of this story… accuser as well as accused. Those who have been forgiven by Jesus have the distinct opportunity to learn the practice of forgiveness from the Great Forgiver.

I AM Dallas Daniel Mullican & Jon Mullican/Plano-C. Green
3/4/2012 "I Am: The One You Don't Miss"

3-4-2012 - During an annual Jewish feast, Jesus makes an unscheduled visit to Jerusalem. During the feast, there is much discussion about who Jesus is and where he is from. People begin fighting over it, arguments break out, finger pointing ensues and while some believe in Jesus, others don’t (even Jesus’ own brothers struggled to believe he was the Christ). In our world today, many things compete for our attention and devotion. On this Mission Sunday, we generously give to the cause of spreading the message of Jesus to the world, and we remind ourselves that Jesus is “the One you must not miss.”

I AM Pat Bills
2/26/2012 "I Am the Bread of Life"

2-26-2012 - It is the only miracle that all four gospel writers include in their story. It is a remarkable feat; Jesus feeds over 5000 people from one boy’s lunch. Yet, there is a deeper story at work than simply filling hungry stomachs on a mountainside. Jesus connects the people to the story of Israel’s history in the wilderness…doing what God does so well: feeding his people. Join us as we embrace the bread of life who continues to feed us over and over again.

I AM Dallas-Hunter Howard / Plano-C. Green
2/19/2012 "I am the Healer"

2-19-2012 - Healing is what we crave. Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual- we all desperately want a remedy for our ailments. But can you imagine being set free from a 38 year handicap? This morning we venture into John and find Jesus healing a paralyzed man... on the Sabbath. There ought to be great joy for this news but instead Jesus ignites a religious controversy. Whose side will we take? Join us as we watch the gentle healer and invite him to disrupt our traditionalism.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
2/12/2012 "I Am the Messiah"

2-12-2012 - The situation is awkward. The conversation is strange. But what unfolds at a well in Samaria is one of the most beautiful offers of redemption in the whole story of scripture. Join us as we watch Jesus give water to a thirsty soul and assure us all that he is truly the Messiah.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
2/5/2012 "I Am the Teacher"

2-5-2012 - It is perhaps the most familiar and famous verse in the whole Bible: John 3:16. But this beautiful declaration of God's grace occurs in the midst of a conversation between a Jewish teacher and THE teacher. This morning we are privileged to overhear a conversation that allows us to listen to the greatest teacher to have ever lived. But the invitation from the Rabbi is to not only listen but now follow- are we willing?

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
1/29/2012 "I Am Here"

1-29-2012 - No one likes a party more than Jesus…but on this particular occasion, Jesus will do something miraculous. As the wine runs out and the wedding party’s honor is in jeopardy, Jesus miraculously makes more wine out of mere water – thus revealing the first of John’s “signs.” This morning we go "behind the scenes" and discover that, over and above alleviating a social crisis, Jesus is also making a statement about his authority. Even today, he is still choosing to crash our party and declare, "I am greater than religion."

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
1/22/2012 "I Am Not Him"

1-22-2012 - "Who are you?" Not only is this a foundational question of identity but it is also a question of purpose and mission. So isn't it fascinating that when John the Baptist is asked to clarify his identity, his reply is simply, "I'm not Him!?" This morning we explore the power of claiming "I am not" as our core identity as followers of Christ. And then out of this identity we can live into our mission as disciples of His kingdom over our own.

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
1/15/2012 "I Am the Light"

1-15-2012 - Our journey in seeing Jesus through John begins like no other gospel story. John starts with rich and beautiful words that breathe images of creation, purpose, and identity. Most of all, John begins with the powerful declaration that Jesus is the light that has spoken into the darkness of the world. Join us as we embrace the light that has not just spoken into the darkness but has triumphed over its power. God's word has truly come and He is the light we embrace!

I AM Dallas-P. Bills / Plano-C. Green
1/8/2012 "Remembering Now"

1-8-2012 - It's the time of year when we focus on the year ahead. Even church families make resolutions, set appropriate goals, and look for ways to improve their spiritual health. And yet, scripture alerts us to the value of looking "back" as well as "ahead." Join us today as we take a journey with Israel to the edge of the promised land and discover the power of "remembering." And in remembering we will discover again the depths of God's promises that moves us into the now.

Advent Pat Bills & Christopher Green
1/1/2012 "Testimonials"

1-12-2012 - It is a new year! How many of you have already made New Year’s resolutions? How many of you have already broken one or more of those resolutions? The fact is, the beginning of each year provides an opportunity for reflection, a time for change, and most importantly, the chance to step into the new calendar with a renewed sense of fervor and an attitude of gratefulness in the journey that lies ahead. This morning, as we celebrate God’s glory in the New Year, we will be hearing from four HOCC members – sharing their own personal testimony in response to this question: “How have you seen God’s mercies made new this past year?” So, let us join together this morning for a time of praise and worship, prayer, communion, and words of testimony about the ever-renewing mercies of God. To begin, we welcome Mark Hooper to the stage.

Advent Various