Our Core Values

As the Highland Oaks Church of Christ we have pledged to function together as family. And like any family, we believe our home is built upon certain values. These values serve as our core; they stand at the very center of who we are and who we are becoming. In this, our core values consistently serve as reminders of our purpose and identity. We invite you to join us as we explore the core of our home here at Highland Oaks – the lights are on, the family room is ready, the kitchen is buzzing, and the front yard is filled with opportunity.

The Front Yard



The goal of our church family is not to exclusively enjoy the benefits of our home. Rather, it is a space where we can gather in order to live back into the world. The front yard is where our family engages our surrounding community and the world in significant ways.

How will I sacrifice in order to reach my neighbors?


The Kitchen



There are certain spaces in a home that exist for a special purpose. The kitchen is the place where willing hearts can prepare items for others to enjoy. So, the kitchen at Highland Oaks is a space where any member of the family can serve.

When will I serve someone else through a ministry of the Highland Oaks family?


The Family Room



In any house there are gathering places for the family. Whether it be to have meaningful conversation or to simply be together as family, the space is critical to the life and well-being of the home.

With whom will I choose to be in deeper relationship within my Highland Oaks family?


The Spirit




As God’s family, we live in a house filled with the Spirit. The Spirit is what moves our house from being a simple space to being a home. And in this home the Spirit enables us to become a people who pursue the heart of God with intentionality and purpose.

What rhythm will I embrace to deepen my pursuit of intimacy with God?