Short Term Missions

Short-term Missions

We desire for Highland Oaks to be a “sending church,” not unlike the church at Antioch. Our hope is to cultivate a church culture of outreach, where Highland Oaks’ children grow up dreaming to become full-time ministers or career missionaries. Many will choose ministry or missionary service as a career, while others will view their career as their ministry. For a child of God, all of life should be mission oriented.

One important way to help cultivate a missions culture at Highland Oaks is by sending our children, teens, university students, and adults on short-term mission works. While always working toward putting more and more full-time missionaries on the field, the Missions Ministry recognizes the value of short-term missions. As more and more of the Christians at Highland Oaks personally participate in short-term mission efforts, our base of support will broaden and our passion for missions will grow. While the church desires to assist participants in the funding of short-term mission efforts, it is expected that the participants will financially contribute to these efforts as well.

The options for short-term mission efforts are quite varied. Certainly, they vary in length of service, cost, and destination. More importantly, they vary in purpose and outcomes. Some are more effective than others. We want to encourage Highland Oaks members to be involved in short-term works that utilize their gifts while focusing on evangelism and spiritual nurture of people. While humanitarian efforts are natural outgrowths of the Christian life, they can also result in a double blessing when they are done alongside evangelistic outreach. One-time contact with people may have limited positive effect on their lives, but ongoing contact is essential to reap a lasting harvest for the Kingdom. Therefore, to be supported by Highland Oaks, any short-term work must be to a place where long-term missionaries are present for on-site preparation, supervision, and follow-up with contacts. Preference will be given where missionaries supported by Highland Oaks are currently working.

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