Long Term Missions

Long-term Missions

We recognize that long-term mission efforts (two years or longer) are foundational to Kingdom growth. The beginning point of all of our long-term mission works is evangelism. This involves the preaching of the gospel and the creation of disciples of Jesus. Other compassionate Christian works — such as hospitals, schools, medical and dental clinics, health and educational programs, agricultural and environmental programs, and construction projects — may complement evangelism and church planting. But these will not be the primary focus of Highland Oaks’ long-term mission work. Instead, Highland Oaks will engage in long-term mission works that relate to church planting: the establishment of reproductive fellowships that reflect the Kingdom of God in the world.

These mission works will not have as their ultimate goal the planting of one new church. Rather, they will plant churches that will plant other churches, and so on. The growth will be germinal, not terminal. Churches will be established with the expectation that missionaries will only begin the process; new Christians will be trained to evangelize and teach others. Thus, the ultimate goal of the missionary is to work himself or herself out of a job. An exit plan should be devised and be an integral part of each mission work undertaken.

In addition, each long-term mission work will be carried out on the local economic level and within local cultural contexts. “Americanization” of foreign mission fields will be avoided.

Long-term mission efforts should be established in both foreign and domestic locations. While the primary emphasis will be upon foreign mission works, we recognize that the United States is increasingly becoming a mission field that must not be ignored.

We desire that long term missions (foreign and domestic) should receive a larger portion of the budget allocation that either short term missions or brotherhood leadership efforts, but recognize the need for temporary flexibility.

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