Global Missions

Purpose of the Missions Ministry

The Missions Ministry exists to mobilize and shape our people by carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus. According to the specific opportunities given the Highland Oaks Church of Christ, we desire to make disciples for Jesus of all the nations. Our purpose is to share God’s love with people so that they will pursue God’s heart and embrace God’s mission. For the mission field this means proclaiming the good news so that people are saved from their sins, gathered into local churches, and nurtured to full spiritual maturity.

One Core Value of this church is “all Christians are called by God to carry out the Great Commission within their spheres of influence.” The church of Jesus Christ is to be a community, a gathered people, brought together by a common calling and vocation to be a sent people. Thus, the Missions Ministry is extending beyond the geographic reach of our identity as a called people to be proclaimers of the good news of Jesus.

The Missions Ministry recognizes that missions is the work of God Himself, and that humans are only servants through whom God works. Those who work in missions are God’s fellow workers who are being spiritually formed by their involvement in this ministry. Therefore, the purpose of the Missions Ministry must always be to seek and implement the will of God as expressed through the Highland Oaks church—to determine the places, personnel, and methods for our mission efforts to fulfill the Great Commission. To accomplish this purpose, the Missions Ministry shall be based on prayer for wisdom and guidance from God in all its undertakings. The expected outcome of such prayer is the conviction that God has called us to each specific mission that we decide to accept.

This Missions Policy reflects our human efforts to implement the will of God at Highland Oaks in the area of missions. It is recognized that God may overrule our human judgment. Therefore, we must be flexible enough in policy and sensitive enough to His leading to allow the Holy Spirit to direct our mission efforts.

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