Asia is the most populous continent on earth, boasting 60% of the world’s 6.5 billion population, and is the home base for Mark and Debbie Hooper, facilitators for Asian missions.

Asia’s languages are unfamiliar and hard to learn. It’s religions are mystical, animistic, idolatrous, and sometimes anti-Christian in attitude. The wealthy exist side by side with abject poverty in most Asian cities. Asia is also home to the last strong communist/socialist countries (China, N. Korea, Vietnam, Laos). Historically, Asia has been neglected by our missionary sending churches. Only 10% of Church of Christ missionaries are sent there.

Now, more than ever before, Asia is receptive to the Gospel of Jesus. The recent wars in the Middle East and the Muslim world are causing people to look for the truth of God in their lives. They believe there must be a better way to live. The growing wealth of South and East Asia is challenging a new middle class to rethink their traditional religions and mythologies and to find the truth about God and the purpose of their lives. The door is opening wide in Asia to the message of Jesus.

Asia needs committed Christians who will learn Asian languages, study their religions, live in their cultures, and model Jesus to a spiritually starving continent. Mark and Debbie have made a commitment to reach the lost of Asia with the message of Christ through networking to recruit, train, mentor, and transition mission teams to Asia as well as partnering with Asian Christians for outreach among the unreached people of the region.

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