HighOkica Kids Camp 2017 (entering 1st thru 8th grade)

July 21, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – July 25, 2017 @ 9:30 am
Lake Lavon Camp
8050 Co Rd 735
Princeton, TX 75407
Becky Burroughs

HighOkica Kids Camp
(formerly known as Highland Oaks Kids Camp)
July 21-25, 2017

Drop-off time at camp: 4:00pm on Friday, July 21 at Lake Lavon Camp (exception: If you are bringing prescription medicine, you need to arrive at 3:30pm to check in the medication.)
When you arrive at camp, a counselor will greet you and point you to your child’s cabin where your child’s counselor will be waiting. Parents are welcome to leave as soon as their child has been checked in and received by their counselor.

Medication: Our nurse practitioner, Alexis Kennedy, will be in charge of the minors’ medication – including prescriptions, as needed medications and anything else needed by the group.   All medication should be kept in the infirmary with exception to an inhaler.  Inhalers may be kept by their owner.  Be prepared to give medication to the nurse upon arriving at the camp grounds.  If you are dropping off medications with your child, print and fill out the medication form and put it in a zip lock bag along with your child’s medications- the medication MUST be in the prescription bottle – a pill organizer will not be accepted. Everyone with medications must arrive at camp at 3:30 on July 21 to check in with Alexis Kennedy.
Medication Administration Form (please print and complete to turn in with your medication)

Mail:  Every child loves to receive mail.  Each day (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) we have mail call, and we would really like for each child to receive a piece of mail every day.  We request that you write your letters and bring them to camp with you in individual envelopes marked with your child’s name and the day you want it delivered written on the outside of each envelope.  When you check in at camp, drop your 3 letters in the “mail box” and we will make sure to deliver them during our daily mail call. (Alternatively, we will have the mail box available at the Info Desk the Sunday morning prior to camp so you can bring your letters with you to church and have one less thing to do at camp drop-off.)

Transportation:  You are responsible for your own transportation to/from camp. HOCC will not be providing any transportation.

Click here for map and driving directions.

Pick-up time: Please pick up your child no later than 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 25. Your child will be eager to see you!

Stuff to Bring:

  • Bible, Notepad and pen
  • Twin size sheets and blanket or sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Toilet articles (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Washcloths & towels (3 each)
  • One-piece swimsuit  or tankini plus cover-up/t-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent spray
  • Tennis shoes & socks
  • Swim shoes or sandals (swim time only)
  • Rain jacket/poncho
  • Comfortable clothes (no tank tops)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Life jacket for younger ages (camp has ones that fit 3rd graders and older).

Camp Rules:

  • Do what Jesus would do!
  • In judgment matters, counselors and camp directors will have final say.
  • Stay with your class/team/group during all activities.
  • All prescription drugs will be given to the camp nurse upon arrival to camp.
  • All campers will be required to wear a t-shirt or cover-up to and from swim time.
  • No abusive language will be tolerated.
  • There is a zero tolerance policy on bullying.
  • Water pistols, shaving cream, balloons, etc. will be confiscated. DO NOT bring these items.
  • No radios, iPods, iPads, computers, or electronic games are allowed. Cabin counselors provide wake up calls.
  • Campers who do not conduct themselves properly will be sent home.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn during all activities except swim time.REGARDING CELL PHONES, If your camper has a cell phone, please note that these will be collected by the counselor and put in a safe place throughout the day. If your child wants to call you in the morning or evening, they can get their phone from the counselor. However, due to the nature of our activities during the day, the size of Lake Lavon Camp and the extreme July heat, we will not allow campers to carry their cell phones throughout the day.JCs and Counselors may carry their cell phones, as this allows for ease of contact in case of emergency. However, parents of JCs please know that your child does this at his/her own risk and they are not required by HOCC to do so.  HOCC is not responsible for any cell phone damage or loss.If you have any questions or comments, please contact  Becky Burroughs at bburroughs@hocc.org

We’re going to Lake Lavon Camp, and AWESOME doesn’t EVEN begin to describe the fun we will have!  We’re going July 21-25, which is a Friday afternoon through Tuesday morning, which means your whole family can come if they want.  In addition to the blast we have every year at camp, this year, we are going to a new campsite that is only a 45 minute drive from HOCC!

What do we do at camp? Our theme this year is “Answer the Call” and we will highlight three superheroes and ways we can be superheroes for God!  We spend each day in Bible study, Active Learning Activities, Small Groups and Camp Worship, which provides a wonderful sense of community as we learn about God and how he wants us to live our lives.  In addition, every day is jam-packed with fun!  At Lake Lavon Camp and Conference Center, we have a variety of water activities to enjoy, from a pool with an awesome slide, to a man-made fresh water pond (similar to what we are used to at camp) with a slip and slide on a hill, a blob, a water bouncer, putt putt and more!  The middle school and high school kids can even spend time on the lake tubing or enjoying the catamaran.

Who goes to camp?  YOU!

Campers (1st – 5th Grade 2017-2018)
Middle School Students (6th – 8th Grade 2017-2018)
Counselors (Adults 18+ yrs old)
Junior Counselors (9th – 12th Grade 2017-2018)

NOTE FOR JUNIOR COUNSELORS  Prior to serving as a JC, every year you will need to complete a JC Application 2017 and be interviewed by the Student & Children’s Ministers.  Please return your application to Becky Burroughs at bburroughs@hocc.org and select an interview time slot here.

We are really excited to have the entire Lake Lavon Camp to ourselves.  The catch is we have to guarantee them a certain number of campers.  So we need everyone (Campers, Staff, JC’s, Counselors, etc.) to register (non-refundable $75.00) by May 31. Yes, registration will remain open until July 9, but keep in mind, the earlier you register the less money you pay! So, make sure to register during the early bird registration!

Cost:  The cost is the same for everyone!!
$160 Early bird price if your register and pay deposit by May 31
$185 if you register after May 31

Non-refundable $75 deposit due when you register to reserve your spot.  Registration will officially close July 9.

The above cost covers each participant’s t-shirt, evening canteen, room and board, and all activities.

$$ BRING A FRIEND REFUND $$ – For each friend that you bring that is NOT a member of HOCC, we will refund you $25. The refund will be issued AFTER the friend has paid their balance IN FULL. That means, if you register early (by May 31st) and bring SIX friends, your cost of camp would only be $10, which we would waive and you would go free! If you happen to register after May 31st, and bring SEVEN friends, your cost of camp would only be $10, which we would waive and you would go free! The friend must include your name in their registration form in order for you to receive the $25 refund.

Registration is open April 1 – midnight, July 9.  Upon registering, you will receive two emails. The first is your receipt of payment and the second is your confirmation email. If a Gmail account was used for registering then the confirmation email may be found under your Promotions Tab. Within the confirmation email, you will have a link to Manage Your Account which is how you can return to your registration to make any changes.

Register using the grade your child will be going into starting Fall 2017.
– You may register by utilizing a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.
–  Registration requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $75. Installments for your remaining balance will be split and automatically charged on your debit/credit card on April 16, May 1, May 16, June 1, June 16 and July 1 (depending on the date of your registration).
– If you register between July 1 – July 9, payment will be due in full.

Good news, we are utilizing Active Network again this year.  It will streamline some of the process.  If you went to camp last year, all of your information has been stored.  You need to sign into the account you set up.  A couple of items to point out:
– The site is called Active Network.  It is a camp registration site for many camps throughout the USA. You will be setting up a registration within Active Network.  They will ask you toward the end of your registration if you would like to “join” Active Advantage.  That is completely optional and is their own thing. We just need you to register for our camp, not join, so feel free to say “no thanks”at the bottom of that page.  If your child attends lots of camps that Active Network manages, then joining may be beneficial to you.